The HARtech team means first and foremost 20 years’ experience in industrial mechanics. The company was founded in 1999 and focused on industrial mechanics before diversifying its business into machiningwelding, and platingHARtech has made a name for itself through its reliable, speedy and quality services.

The Team

Our production staff includes machinistswelder-assemblers, and specialized industrial mechanics.


Talented and meticulous, the professionals at HARtech provide top quality services in equipment repairfabrication, and maintenance, as well as machining and mechanical and welded assembly.

Our company’s aim is to prove time and again that we hold ourselves to your most exacting standards.

Knowledge and skill

HARtech’s greatest strength is the know-how we acquired through the years.


HARtech’s many achievements in the field of industrial mechanics have allowed us to prove our mettle in managing urgent projects. Our organizational sense enables us to get the job done on time in a way that always ensures our clients’ satisfaction.


Attention to quality is at the core of our work. The HARtech team is made up of people who share a love for a job well done, and that know that client satisfaction is a company’s most precious asset.