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Electro-mechanical Technician Job Description & Salary

Electro-mechanical technicians have a role at the heart of Quebec industry. Combining technical expertise and innovation, this versatile professional plays a key role in maintaining and improving electromechanical systems. Electro-mechanical technicians are essential to keeping industrial operations running smoothly.

As Quebec experiences sustained growth in the fields of manufacturing, energy and technology, the demand for qualified electromechanics is greater than ever.

Are you interested in joining this profession? In this comprehensive guide, the electromechanics experts at HARtech reveal crucial information related to electro-mechanical technician training, job prospects, career opportunities and current trends.

What is an electro-mechanical technician?

Electro-mechanical technicians are the professionals responsible for analyzing and maintaining electromechanical systems and devices. It’s also their job to overhaul automated equipment and machines.

Electro-mechanical technicians do complete maintenance (cleaning, insulating electrical circuits, greasing bearings, adjusting or replacing mechanical parts, etc.). They also carry out checks to identify any anomalies and plan the type of maintenance, short or long-term, that is needed.

Electro-mechanical technicians will often work on new projects and technologies, where they are responsible for testing, assembling and installing new systems.

Electro-mechanical technicial responsibilities and tasks

It’s difficult to give a complete list of the tasks an electro-mechanical technician accomplishes, because their responsibilities will differ depending on the company and the industry in which they work.

In general, you can expect to be responsible for the following:

  • Understanding why a piece of equipment has failed and what is needed to get it working again
  • Managing technical information and interpreting what is going on in the systems you are responsible for
  • Testing new equipment and verifying its operating status
  • Analyzing the condition of equipment that has to be programmed, if necessary, managing or supervising maintenance
  • Detecting and reporting safety defects.

Electro-mechanical technician skills and competencies

These are some of the essential skills and abilities needed to succeed as an electro-mechanical technician:

  • You must enjoy physical work and handling industrial equipment.
  • You need to enjoy facing problems and finding the right solutions.
  • You must be able to work as part of a team.
  • You must enjoy working with new technologies.
  • You’ll need a good ability to manage stress and have excellent observation skills.

Electro-mechanical technician training

There are several ways you can get the training you need to become an electro-mechanical technician in Quebec:

Diploma in Vocational Studies (DVS)

The DVS in Automated Systems Electromechanics is the key to entering this profession. This training program prepares students to work on automated production equipment and gives them essential skills related to the maintenance and repair of various systems.

This program is offered at vocational training centres and generally lasts 16 to 18 months.

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)

The ACS in maintenance, automation and control is another route to becoming an electro-mechanical technician.

This training is more focused on specialized skills related to automation and system control. Qualified electro-mechanical technicians can also complete an apprenticeship and challenge an exam to earn a Red Seal endorsement of excellence.

Sectors recruiting electro-mechanical technicians

Electro-mechanical technicians are in high demand on the Quebec job market, thanks to their versatility and the growing need for equipment maintenance and optimization in various industrial sectors.

  • Manufacturing and production: Manufacturing plants that produce food, metals, plastic and electronics are all major employers of electro-mechanical technicians.
  • Industrial maintenance: Companies specializing in industrial maintenance often need electro-mechanical technicians to maintain and repair their equipment.
  • Energy sector: As energy technologies evolve, electro-mechanical technicians play a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of energy infrastructures.
  • Transport and logistics: Electro-mechanical technicians are also needed to maintain the automated systems used in transport and logistics

Electro-mechanical technician salary in Quebec

According to, the average wage for an electro-mechanical technician in Quebec is $29.75/hour. This figure varies according to the sector of activity, experience and ability of the professional.

Would you like to work as an electro-mechanical technician at Les Entreprises HARtech?

Choosing to become an electro-mechanical technician opens up numerous professional opportunities. At HARtech, our team engages in projects across diverse industries, ranging in size and scope.

If you’re interested in this profession, or if you need our electro-mechanical technicians to take care of your equipment, feel free to contact us:

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