Metal Bending

Custom metal bending service in Greater Montreal

Whether you need to create a part with a simple 90-degree bend or more complex parts with more than a dozen angles, we have the skills and technology to bring your designs and metal bending projects to life.

If your business is situated in the Greater Montreal or Quebec areas, our team would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your project. Contact us now for a fast quote.

Let us handle your sheet metal bending projects

If you are looking for an experienced team to carry out your metal bending projects, you can count on HARtech! We enjoy helping our customers profit from our solid expertise in custom bending, steel bending, aluminum bending, PVC bending and sheet metal bending. Our expertise is backed up by our state-of-the-art equipment in our workshops that allows us to carry out your most ambitious projects.

HARtech recently acquired a DURMA metal bending machine, which now allows us to bend aluminum and other metal sheets that are up to 10 feet long and 1/4 inch thick. This new acquisition is part of our desire to improve manufacturing productivity and deliver a high-quality final product that meets your expectations and requirements. We invite you to contact us for a free quote.

HARtech executes your custom mechanical bending projects

As a company with expertise in machine repair, we offer a wide range of machining services. Our expertise goes beyond metal bending as we also master all the processes behind industrial welding and precision industrial machining.

When you hire HARtech to handle your Montreal aluminum bending needs, your company benefits from:

  • A highly accurate service available anytime
  • A wide range of potential aluminum depths
  • State-of-the-art equipment that can be adapted to meet your needs

Our wide variety of machines combined with our operators’ broad experience allows us to handle all kinds of industrial projects. HARtech can provide metal bending services to a multitude of industries throughout Quebec. Want to know how we can help you? Contact us for more information!

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Our Projects

What is metal bending?

Metal bending is a process of deforming metal by applying a force to the object. The bending is done at an angle and gives it the intended shape, which is often a “V” or “U” shape.

There are several methods using one or more machines depending on the part to create and the shape to be obtained. Those most commonly used in sheet metal bending are the “press brake” and the “hydraulic press”. The difference between these 2 tools is that the hydraulic press works in two dimensions while the press brake only works in one.

Why work with our metal bending experts?

Working with HARtech means being assured of quality metal bending services, with first-rate workmanship and over 20 years of experience. We are one of the leaders in aluminum and sheet metal bending in the Greater Montreal area. We are committed to on-time delivery, flawless products and professional communication with our customers.

If you need top-notch craftsmanship and want to work with a team of sheet metal benders who you can fully trust, contact HARtech today. No matter what stage of the process you find yourself in, our custom sheet metal bending team will be happy to take on your project.

You can see an overview of the projects we have already completed including the wide range of metal bending tasks our experts have carried out by visiting our “Projects” page.