Machinery Repair

Machinery repair and maintenance in Greater Montreal

HARtech loves a challenge and our ingenuity can help you save money on factory equipment maintenance costs. Our machinery repair expertise means you get efficient service from experienced technicians. We thoroughly analyze the causes of your equipment shutdowns (troubleshooting) and make all the necessary repairs to get it back up and running.

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HARtech for your industrial machinery maintenance and repair

Whatever your machinery repair needs, our team will gladly offer you concrete machine reconditioning solutions to restore your equipment as quickly as possible, helping you avoid costly service interruptions. Our technicians know the value of an efficient service done by the book and they are committed to helping you benefit.

Rapid machine relocation in Greater Montreal

We also take care of machine relocation, refurbishment and plant upgrades. Our experience in the field will help you make the most of your equipment and improve the productivity of your teams.

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Our Projects

Industrial mechanics, from machine maintenance to relocation

The basics of industrial mechanics provide a complete range of maintenance and repair work. Our mechanics repair, install, adjust or maintain all types of industrial production and processing machinery, as well as refining or pipeline distribution systems.

Industrial mechanics companies can extend their service to other tasks such as industrial relocation, which includes dismantling machines, transporting them, and assembling and connecting industrial equipment once the work has been completed.

In short, industrial mechanics can include all of the following work:

  • Repair or replace broken or defective components in machinery or equipment
  • Dismantle machinery or equipment to remove parts and make repairs
  • Observe and test the operation of machines or equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using voltmeters or other testing devices
  • Reassemble equipment after completing inspections, tests or repairs
  • Clean, lubricate or adjust parts, equipment or machinery
  • Examine parts for defects such as breakage or excessive wear

Why is HARtech the right industrial mechanics company for you?

As seen in our projects, at HARtech, we know how to repair your machines.  Our company is made up of a group of specialists with more than fifteen years of experience in the industrial mechanics sector.

From emergency machine reconditioning to regular machine maintenance, we provide solutions that are perfectly geared to your needs. With the extensive knowledge and tools at their disposal, our mechanics have the skills to intervene in a wide range of industries.

Our collaboration with our customers doesn’t stop there. We are equipped to handle factory relocation. When our clients hire our industrial moving service, we make it our priority to respond quickly and, above all, to guarantee the safety of the goods. Finally, we always make sure to meet the agreed-upon deadline.

Whatever your needs in industrial mechanics, you can rest assured that we can meet them efficiently, anywhere in the Greater Montreal area.