Industrial Machining

Industrial Machining Services in Montreal

With our modern equipment and qualified personnel, HARtech’s industrial machining department can meet a wide range of machining, plating and welding needs.

From general machining to precision machining to small series, we have been providing fast and professional work to our customers since 2011. If you are located in the Greater Montreal area, we invite you to contact us.

Precision machine shop in the Greater Montreal area

Operating from our machine shop in Saint-Laurent, our company specializes in conventional and small series machining from drawings, specifications or samples, as well as the repair and machining of mechanical parts. We can process the following materials:

  • ✔︎ Cast iron
  • ✔︎ Steel
  • ✔︎ Stainless steel
  • ✔︎ Aluminium
  • ✔︎ Bronze
  • ✔︎ And all types of plastic

HARtech Enterprises, industrial machining experts

With an experienced industrial mechanics workforce and a dedicated state-of-the-art workshop, HARtech is fully equipped to handle the most demanding precision machining projects on-site, from A to Z.

We are committed to delivering a superior quality product that exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is our number one concern! Our “Projects” page demonstrates the professionalism and dedication we bring to the work we are entrusted with.

Contact us for a quote or for expert advice. We will be happy to review your needs and share our expertise with you.

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What is industrial machining?

Industrial machining is the process of removing excess material from a part by abrading it in an extremely precise manner, resulting in the separation of unwanted material to obtain the desired final shape.

There are three main types of machining processes: turning, milling and drilling. Our mastery of these different machining methods allows us to precisely shape industrial parts.

Ultimately, entrusting your machining to a skilled company like HARtech has three major advantages:

  • Ability to machine very complex parts: the hardness of the abrasive and its resistance to high temperatures, such as hardened steels, can only be machined with the cutting tools used by machining specialists (e.g. drill or mill).
  • Ability to work on the finest details: when performed by experts, abrasion results in a precise finish due to the skill of the operators and the precision of the machine tools. Quality controls ensure that the work performed on the parts meets all expectations.
  • Ability to work for various companies and industries: industrial mechanics companies have a level of expertise that enables them to meet the challenges of a wide range of companies and industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics or medical.

Now you understand the importance of having your equipment machined by the right company. But how can you tell the difference between machining companies in Greater Montreal, and more importantly, why should you choose HARtech?

Why hire HARtech Enterprises for your machining needs?

Having the right machine tools and experienced professionals is key to achieving the quality of parts that industrial machining offers. This last point is essential and we are proud to work with a team that knows how to choose the best method to meet your machining needs. This is what we call a turnkey machining service.

At HARtech, we are a passionate team that can help a large number of industrial sectors, which makes us one of the leaders in our sector in Quebec. Our modern equipment technology allows us to offer the best industrial machining processes, while providing fast and accurate work.

Please contact us to learn more about our machining services.