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What is Large Part Machining?

Large part machining presents distinct challenges and demands the use of tools and processes that differ from those for smaller, lighter parts.

Oversized parts need to be moved quickly between tools and locations, which requires specialized machinery. Large parts may not be able to fit into the standard work areas of common CNC machine tools, and manufacturers need to take this and other elements such as temperature and safety into consideration.

HARtech’s industrial mechanics tell you more about machining large parts.

The difference between standard machining and large part machining

Machining large parts often involves additional steps or special considerations that set it apart from “conventional” industrial machining. Some of the key differences between these two machining processes include:

Machining precision

Maintaining precision during the manufacturing process can pose a challenge when machining large parts. Factors that typically negatively influence machining accuracy for smaller parts are magnified when dealing with larger parts. Special attention is required to monitor and correct these potential flaws.

Whether it’s precision machining or large-scale machining, our experts have the skills and know-how to provide you with top-quality service. For more information, contact us today.

Machining safety

Handling and machining large parts can pose a greater safety risk due to the size and weight of parts. Extra steps must be taken within the production facility to ensure that the work can be accomplished safely.

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) should discuss safety practices with potential machining subcontractors up front to ensure that personnel safety is considered at every stage. Safety measures can include in-house training programs for machining technicians, regular safety inspections and periodic equipment checks. Making safety a priority ensures that large part machining can be accomplished efficiently and successfully.

Machining equipment

Quality large part machining demands larger and more advanced equipment than standard machining. Large part machine tools need to have a larger work area and increased reach. One technology that meets these requirements is the ‘5-axis machine’.

A 5-axis machine can rotate a part in five directions, eliminating the need for constant repositioning and reducing the likelihood of error. This greatly increases the efficiency of the process and the quality of the result.

Machining temperature

Machining parts of any size generates heat, which can affect the quality and integrity of finished components. More heat is produced machining large parts, and preventative measures must be taken to avoid potential problems.

Sometimes large part machining process has to be interrupted to allow a component to cool before proceeding to the next step. This slows down manufacturing, but failing to prevent heat distortion could negatively affect part integrity and quality.

Machining time

The precision machining of large parts is a real challenge for machining companies. Manufacturing methods for smaller parts cannot simply be transposed to large parts, as differences in material stress can have a significant impact on end-product quality. Any distortions must be detected and corrected quickly to minimize their impact on part accuracy.

Large part machining professionals will prolong some processes to minimize errors and improve quality. Instead of finishing the part in one pass, changes will be made continuously as the part moves through the production process. Doing this increases the time it takes to manufacture the part, but it improves the quality of the finished component and reduces the risk of greater delays and costly modifications.

Trust HARtech for large part machining

Machining large parts demands a high level of expertise to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the results. Handling oversized parts requires appropriate equipment and processes to cope with the greater size, weight and heat generated by these large components.

A professional large-scale machining service uses the most advanced techniques and equipment to meet the highest standards.

When you choose to work with HARtech, you are trusting a large part machining specialist who guarantees the quality of the final product. Contact us today for more information on our industrial machine maintenance and repair services that include custom industrial machinery design.

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