Réalisation d'une rectification mécanique

What is mechanical grinding ?

The manufacturing of mechanical parts is a complex field that requires a strong skill set. Indeed, there are many ways to manufacture parts that are durable and will last over time.

One of these processes is mechanical grinding. As part of precision machining, our experts present this technique in more detail!

What is grinding in machining ?

The process of mechanical grinding is a way to remove small pieces of material from a machine part. This is done using a special machine called a “grinding machine”.

The grinding machine is equipped with an abrasive wheel that rotates rapidly and shapes the workpiece. The grinding process is the only way to achieve accuracy in the order of a few microns.

Grinding is used in most cases with the objective of preparing surfaces that will be exposed to some friction. It can also be used by industrial machining services to give a particular profile to a part, using a grinding wheel, previously prepared for this purpose.

What are the different types of mechanical grinding ?

Just like the different machining processes, there are different types of mechanical grinding. Depending on the part to be ground, one technique will be used rather than another. In both cases, heat can be generated by the friction between the workpiece and the grinding wheel. It is therefore not uncommon to use a coolant to better control the process.

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding allows, as its name indicates, to grind mechanical parts of cylindrical shape. This process is usually done on a machine with hydrostatic slides.

The cylinders to be ground are placed between two centers, in the same axis as the grinding wheel. The wheel then rotates rapidly to create the desired finish. However, the grinding wheel can also be rotated at different angles. This allows different types of cuts to be made on different workpieces, not just cylinders.

Surface grinding

Surface grinding can be used to make surfaces very smooth or to obtain a precise finish. It can also be used to sharpen circular knives.

This type of grinding is performed by holding the workpiece in place with an electromagnet. The workpiece is ground several times on a horizontal plane. With each pass of the machine, a layer of material is removed. This process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

What are the advantages of grinding mechanical parts?

As you have seen, mechanical grinding is very important in the manufacture of parts for machines and has many advantages. For example, it is possible to manufacture parts from the hardest materials, making them particularly strong. In addition, grinding ensures that parts are smooth and perfect before they are used in a machine.

HARtech, your partner for your industrial machining needs

To summarize, mechanical grinding is a machining method that uses abrasion to create different shapes. It can be flat or cylindrical, and is very accurate, with an error margin of only a few microns.

If you’re looking for a machine shop that is fully versed in all grinding solutions, trust HARtech. Contact us now to learn more! Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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