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Best paying industrial mechanics jobs in Quebec

With the current labour shortage in Quebec, companies are constantly on the lookout for new employees to improve the productivity and turnover rate of their staff. Industrial mechanics companies are no exception, and that’s why they’re currently looking to fill certain positions to keep up with the demands of their customers.

In this article, we share 5 of the best paying industrial machinery jobs that are currently in demand throughout Quebec. If you are thinking about switching companies or even making a career change, this article’s for you!

Industrial maintenance mechanic

Industrial maintenance mechanics are responsible for keeping various machinery and equipment running efficiently at work. Industrial mechanics companies are currently widely recruiting for this role.

What skills do I need to be an industrial maintenance mechanic?

An industrial maintenance mechanic must be able to adapt to work with different materials, depending on their employer and client needs. These materials could include steel, textiles, wood, agricultural materials and plastic, etc. They must master a variety of skills and be equipped with the knowledge to repair and maintain industrial equipment. Here are some of their responsibilities:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Install new industrial equipment
  • Repair industrial machinery
  • Replace defective parts
  • Use machine tools to create additional parts and restore current machinery
  • Clean and complete other tasks related to the daily machine maintenance

Industrial maintenance mechanic salary

On average, industrial maintenance mechanics make $20-$40/hour in Canada. Their average salary in Canada is around $49,385/year.

Conventional machine operator

Conventional machine operators or machining technicians set up and operate various machines designed to cut and shape metal, plastic or other industrial materials. They are responsible for manufacturing, modifying and accurately repairing machinery components.

Conventional machine operators need to be competent in using rotary cutters, lathes, tunnel boring machines, and drills etc.

What skills do I need to be a conventional machine operator?

Technicians working with conventional machine tools must have specific industrial machining skills. Here’s a list of a conventional machine operator’s key responsibilities:

  • Process and interpret information quickly
  • Prep for machinery production
  • Make final adjustments to machinery
  • Accurately repair parts when required
  • Plan out how to repair certain parts

Conventional machine operator salary

Machinists and toolmakers typically earn between $17 and $35/hour in Quebec. This hourly rate can of course depend on the skills acquired or expected by the company in question.


Welder-assemblers’ main duties include handling metal components and assembling them using various types of welding.

Welding is the process of joining several materials together using different types of welds and following the best industrial welding practices.

What skills do I need to be a welder-assembler?

There are 4 main skills required to be a successful welder-assembler:

  1. Prepare the welding work
  2. Securely assemble mechanical parts together
  3. Be skilled with semi-automatic and manual welding processes
  4. Verify the quality of the welding assembly work

Welder-assembler salary

The average salary of a welder-assembler in Canada is $41,922/year. This varies from company to company and depends on industry experience.

Electro-mechanical technician

Electro-mechanical technicians are the backbone of today’s industrial mechanics companies in Quebec. They ensure the safety of employees by maintaining the proper functioning of electrical machines and devices. Their job is to repair any type of electrical problem, no matter how big or small.

These professionals are often employed by independent electrical repair shops, as well as bigger companies offering electro-mechanical services.

What skills do I need to be an electro-mechanical technician?

An electro-mechanical technician must be somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades and have a wide range of skills so that they can adapt to any situation. Here are some of their duties:

  • Analyze electrical, electronic and mechanical systems, using testing and measurement equipment and interpret the results
  • Repair various electro-mechanical equipment in the factory
  • Replace and refurbish bearings and switches among other parts
  • Assemble and install various types of windings for motors and electrical transformers

Electro-mechanical technician salary

In Quebec, electro-mechanical technicians’ salaries range from $21-$36/hour. This is an annual salary of $47,940.

Industrial designer

To design products or machines, first you must envision them. This is the job of the industrial designer, the linchpin of the machinery design department. Using a digital drawing or design software, industrial designers create 2D and 3D diagrams that give birth to machine prototypes.

What skills do I need to be an industrial designer?

An industrial designer uses a computer to create drawings of industrial equipment, such as engines, tools, and hydraulic components etc. In order to do this well, they must possess the following skills:

  • Ability to read and interpret project plans
  • A good understanding of shapes and volumes
  • Knowledge of mechanical technologies
  • Depict and measure objects, parts and mechanical assemblies
  • Determine and predict functional, physical and geometric constraints of machinery parts

Industrial designer salary

The average annual salary of an industrial designer in Canada is $50,731. It depends on the company and the designer’s previous experience.

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As seen from the information above, there’s lots of different jobs within the industrial mechanics industry that are currently in demand throughout Quebec and Canada.

If you are looking to kickstart a new career in this sector, take a look at our HARtech careers page! A member of our team will be happy to respond to your application form.

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